Vaccine-themed gear is in high demand on Etsy

Vaccine-themed gear is in high demand on Etsy

2021-04-01 20:00:00

Etsy sellers are rushing to meet the growing demand for all kinds of vaccine-related gear – from & # 39; Fauci Ouchie & # 39; buttons to & # 39; Pfizer Alumni 'T-shirts to protective cases suitable for a CDC card – especially as more and more people are getting the jab look to celebrate the milestone.

The popularity of vaccine-themed swag is a sign that people aren't just showing up to take their chance, they're really excited to share news about their vaccination and spread the word. That enthusiasm is important because in the United States more and more vaccine eligibility and public health campaigns continue to try to reach Americans who are still worried about getting an injection.

Nate Duval, a Massachusetts-based Etsy seller who has been making enamel pins for the past five years, told Recode that of the many products available in its Etsy store, the most popular item right now is a blue-purple pin that reads "Covid-19 Vaccinated." He said it is just the latest product to do well during the pandemic as sales of items like cloth masks and puzzles have boomed.

"The original concept thought frontline workers, doctors, the elderly, etc.," Duval said in an email, "but I soon discovered that the appeal of this idea went well beyond doctors."

Many Etsy sellers love vaccine-themed products.
Screenshot from Etsy

It's not just buttons and pins. Etsy sellers also cash in on people eager to advertise their vaccination status with all kinds of merchandise. There are face masks and bracelets that declare the wearer "Vaccinated", clips of Covid-19 vaccine badges, and "Fauci Ouchie" stickers. There is also a lot of clothing, including references to T-shirts Hamilton lyrics like "I'm not going to waste my chance."

Some vendors lash more practical vaccine card covers, which are meant to protect the relatively thin paper tickets with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) badges that people have received after their inoculations. Other options available are more wacky, like Moderna and Pfizer themed tumblers and this Covid-19 virus-shaped foam party hat, complete with a syringe image and "Vaccinated" printed on it.

A foam party hat in the shape of a coronavirus with the word “vaccinated” printed on it.

At least one Etsy seller offers a vaccine-themed foam party hat.
Screenshot from Etsy

Vaccine items are selling well. An Etsy seller told Recode that their store has sold hundreds of vaccine-themed clothing items in the past month. “Soon people will want them for the children too. So I'll add those sizes, ”said the salesperson, who asked to remain anonymous so as not to draw too much attention to their store. "Then maybe we add some bins and other different products."

Mark Gray, a California-based cinematographer who runs an Etsy shop, said a batch of 500 of his "Fully Vaccinated" pins sold out in just three days, and has since sold more than 1,500 on the online marketplace. He added that he has seen a wave of other vaccine-themed merchandise, referring to products he sees online from sellers using print-on-demand companies, such as Zazzle and Cafe Press. It seems like competition is increasing.

“If someone just Googles 'I want to get a vaccinated shirt,' they'll see the first 50 that come out of God knows how many there really are,” said Gray. “So it's kind of lucky for me that people like my design and that I came in early enough. "

Plastic bags full of identical vaccine pens, on a desk with a laptop.

Etsy seller Mark Gray's vaccine-themed pin workstation.
Mark Gray

The race to produce vaccine-themed equipment points to Etsy's wider success as an online marketplace during the pandemic. Since then, the company's stock price has risen steadily Covid-19 first hit, with sellers finding opportunities amid the increased demand for household items as people spent more time at home and shopped online.

“The data shows that people who have never shopped on Etsy, or people who haven't been in a while or have not returned often, suddenly come to Etsy, and they come to Etsy much more often.” The CEO from the company Josh Silverman told NPR Marketplace last May. He estimated that at least 60,000 sellers on the site had made cloth masks and sold them on the platform.

A pin with an Anthony Fauci cartoon read:

The "Fauci Ouchie!" image that Jamie Earl sells on Etsy.
Jamie Earl

Of course, not all online kits celebrate vaccine-themed vaccinations. On Amazon, it's easy to get 'anti-vaccine shirts' link pesticides and GMOs to vaccinations, or find a T-shirt on Etsy stating that the wearer has not been “ blackmailed '' will be to carry a vaccine passport.

Still, some vendors see their vaccine product success as a sign that they can pick up business based on the news cycle and current events – and even encourage others to get the shot when photos become available. Pennsylvanian Jamie Earl, who sells buttons on Etsy, said that while he lost business on political-themed pins when personal campaigns ended, he's since made up for some of his losses by switching to various pandemic buttons.

Earl told Recode that he has been over 400 "Fauci Ouchie!" Vaccine-themed buttons, having noticed earlier in the pandemic that several Anthony Fauci-themed products "sold really well".

"When people see others show they got their vaccinations and encourage others," Earl said, helping the entire community. "I hope it helps people who are very reluctant to get their vaccinations."

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